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How to Get Pregnant Naturally in 10 Easy Steps

Increasing fertility can be accomplished by making some simple changes to your diet and to your life style. Here, I will be sharing with you ten important steps you should follow in order to significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant. These steps are easy to follow for anyone with a busy schedule. Just like the steps in the Products on my PRODUCT PAGE.

How to start Increasing Fertility in 10 Easy Steps

If you do not know where to start, the first thing to do is to follow these very simple guidelines:

1. Eat Healthy and eliminate junk food, avoid alcohol (men and women), give up smoking.
Toxins in food additives, tobacco, and alcohol can increase risk of abnormal sperm and eggs, thus causing low fertility and increased risk problems during embryo development.

2. Drink only purified and re-mineralized water, avoid tap water and drinks that contain artificial ingredients.
Tap water contains chemicals like heavy metals that causes toxic overload, chlorine that increases the risk of miscarriage, and hormones-like compounds that disrupt the male and female endocrine system, lowering fertility.

3. Start a moderate exercise program. Walking 30 minutes a day is often the best way to start.
Moderate exercise helps balance insulin, increase circulation, and promotes toxin release through perspiration.

4. Avoid environmental pollutants and work related hazards.
Chemicals that affect fertility are present in the environment all the time, but if you work in a place where chemicals are handles on a daily bases, talk to your doctor and employer about lowering your exposure to chemicals that can cause birth defects.

5. Start charting your cycle.
Every woman who wants to conceive will need to know when she is about to ovulate. Learning your fertility signs will tell you when the best fertile time of the month is for you. By practicing fertility charting you can also determine if you have any problems with your cycle.

6. Men should wear loose underwear.
Sperm cells do a lot better when kept cool. Heat can cause the sperm to clump together, loose motility and carry genetic mutations.

7. Avoid putting your laptop on your lap and your cell phone, near the reproductive organs.
I see many people carrying their laptop and working while placing it right on their lap. Avoid during this at all cost, the radiation from it can cause electromagnetic toxicity that can lead to increase risk of poor sperm and egg quality.

8. Sleep for at least 8 hours a night.
If you do not fully recharge your batteries every night you will have increase risk of immune deficiency, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, inflammation, etc. All factors associated with poor fertility.

9. If you are overweight, start a weight loss program that focus on improving metabolic health.
Women and men who are overweight have more risk of becoming infertile and women may develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy putting the health of the fetus at risk.

10. If you have stress in your life, find ways to release stress.
Stress may cause menstrual irregularities in women and low sperm count in men. Relaxation is a factor in increasing fertility disregarded by many doctors, but that you should take into careful consideration.

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