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If you and your partner have decided to start a family, you can take some steps to increase your chances on getting pregnant. Your first goal before you implement any method on how to get pregnant fast is to get as healthy as you can be. Then, increase your odds by following these tips on getting pregnant fast.

Stop Taking Birth Control

You already know that you need to stop taking birth control before you begin trying to get pregnant. What you may not know is that you can be fertile the first month after you stop hormonal birth control. There is no need to let the hormones get out of your system, so if you are not quite ready to conceive, either continue taking birth control or practice another contraceptive method.

Get Healthy

Start taking folic acid now, because this vitamin is very important for a developing baby, even before you know you are pregnant. Stop drinking or smoking before you start any pregnancy methods. Stop drinking caffeine as well. These actions can harm your baby, even before it has implanted. They can even increase your chances for miscarriage. Also, focus on getting to a healthy weight now, as being overweight can make it more difficult to conceive.

Learn Your Cycle

Take the time to learn your body, as you need to have sex when you are ovulating. Charting your basal body temperature is one of the most tried techniques on how to get pregnant fast. You will know you are ovulating when you see a small spike in your basal body temperature, and this is the time to try to conceive.

Enjoy Yourself

The more aroused you when being intimate with your partner, and the less stressed you feel, the more likely it is that you will be successful in getting pregnant. Stress can keep ovulation from occurring, and it can also throw off your cycles. This can make it more difficult to predict ovulation.

Consider Proper Positions

Some believe that the position used during intimacy can increase the likelihood of a positive pregnancy test. The missionary position seems to put the sperm closest to the cervix, making the journey towards fertilization easier. There is no scientific studies proving this fact, but it cannot hurt your chances on how to get pregnant fast!

Talk to Your Partner

Your partner’s actions can actually lower his sperm count, making it harder to get pregnant fast. Boxers are better than briefs for sperm count. Also, have your hubby put his laptop on a table, not his lap, as the heat from the computer can damage sperm.

Make the Trip Easier

The vaginal area is not very friendly to sperm, which is part of what makes it so difficult for some couples to conceive. You can increase your chances on getting pregnant fast by making the vaginal environment more receptive to sperm. Vaginal sprays, douches, and scented tampons can make it more difficult to get pregnant fast by making the environment more hostile to sperm. Also, avoid artificial lubricants when trying to conceive. If you need a lubricant, talk to your doctor about an option that will not damage sperm.

Remember few couples get pregnant the first time they try. Use these tips for getting pregnant fast to increase your odds, but try to relax. Most couples are successful in the first six months after they thy to conceive, so your odds of success are pretty high!


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