Don’t Buy ‘Fertility Foods’ – Optimize Ovulation And Conception Through Food Choices! Comments Off

Don’t Buy ‘Fertility Foods’ – Optimize Ovulation And Conception Through Food Choices!

Article by Cally Sim

We know that diet plays a crucial role in getting your body ready to support a pregnancy. It is really strange that a book titled: ‘Fertility Foods’ actually has more content and advice about exercise and mental health than talking about what to eat and what to avoid eating. Dr. Groll’s research has proven that there is a powerful link between the body’s insulin resistance and fertility problems.

The focus of the book is on the problem of insulin resistance, how it impedes fertility and the diet approach to improve fertility and avoid miscarriage (there is a significant link between insulin resistance and miscarriage too). It contains recommendation on what to eat and the kind of exercises you should be doing. These are all common sense, but presented in an easy to understand and practical way.

The Good: Dr Groll presents a well researched and scientific approach, especially for patients with PCOS. He suggested that following a diet and exercise regime to lose weight and control your insulin surges is reasonable and healthy.

The Bad: There are simply not enough advice on what to eat, what to avoid and recipes that I can use. I expected more from a book with a specific title of ‘Fertility Foods’. The diet program suggested in the book is based on the Atkin’s Diet, which, like any other diet program to lose weight, I believe will just not work for everyone.

Verdict: The basis of the book of a high protein, low carb diet (based on Atkin’s diet) and exercise to lose weight and improve insulin resistance is a novel approach to the topic of infertility. Although this book offers some sound advice, I feel that it is not for everyone. The simple idea of adopting a diet to lose weight has it’s flaw, and I feel that only a change of lifestyle and diet that lasts can bring a genuine effect on your weight and health.

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