Is A Blood Type And Pregnancy Diet Worth Considering? Comments Off

Is A Blood Type And Pregnancy Diet Worth Considering?

Article by Ray Baker

You already know that there are an abundance of diets out there in the market and it makes it a task deciding on which one is going to work and equally important, be sustainable. A blood type and pregnancy diet is one such diet that is being discussed in circles at present. Before you embark on a blood type and pregnancy diet you should read this article.

Are you looking for a Blood Type And Pregnancy Diet? Do you want to lose weight while being pregnant by following a blood type diet that would also be safe for your baby? Well…this may be difficult! Only in the case of your blood type being a B it seems, can you safely follow a Blood Type And Pregnancy Diet.

It’s very important to have a healthy diet when you are pregnant. The normal development and health of your baby depends on it. All the dietitians in the world recommend a varied diet for pregnant women. It can be extremely dangerous to deprive your baby of some specific type of nutrients, such as carbohydrates. Following a low carb diet, for instance, while being pregnant, can cause brain damage and mental retardation to your child. Blood type diets may fall into the same category as the classical low-carb/high-protein or high-carb/low-protein diets, the difference is that they are supposed to be recommended based on your blood type. It’s unlikely a qualified specialist in nutrition would recommend you a Blood Type And Pregnancy Diet.The blood type diet is based on science fiction rather than science facts. This diet was created by Peter D’Adamo. He describes it in his book called Eat Right 4 Your Type. Its basic premise is that your blood type is the one that should determine a healthy diet. All his theory is based on the fact that lectins in foods react in a different way with each of the ABO blood types. But the research done by different scientists show that there is no difference in how the lectins react with any of the blood types. Therefore, his premise seems to be false or at least questionable, which means that all this theory may only be speculation. Are you still willing to discover a Blood Type And Pregnancy Diet??

The Blood Type Diet sounds interesting, and it became “trendy”, even among Hollywood stars. This may be one of the reasons why there are women who are searching for a Blood Type And Pregnancy Diet. Here comes the most interesting part of D’Adamo’s theory. It seems he believes that the ABO blood types evolved at different times and in different locations throughout history. Therefore, he claims that it is best for us to eat what our ancestors typically ate at the time when the blood type appeared.

These are the dietary recommendations:Blood group 0. If your blood type is 0, it means your ancestors are the hunters. And because your ancestors survived on a meat-based diet 50,000 years ago, this is what you should eat in order to be healthy. Therefore, you should follow a high-protein, low-carb diet, which may not be wise if you are pregnant, I’ve already pointed out the risks. Blood group A. This blood type was formed around 15,000 ago when your ancestors were basically farmers. This is why a vegetarian diet suits you best, in D’Adamo’s opinion. You have to avoid meat and diary, because Mr. D’Adamo believes that your farming ancestors didn’t eat them. In case you are pregnant, you won’t be able to provide the baby with iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and calcium, which are essential for normal development.Blood group B. You’re lucky! Your ancestors were nomads living about 10,000 years ago, and they had a varied diet. You can eat meat, grains, dairy and vegetables. However, the bad news is that only one person in 10 has blood type B, in case you aren’t aware of your blood type. Blood group AB. This evolved just 1000 years ago and you can eat a mixture between A and B. This means mostly vegetables, but sometimes you can also eat meat and dairy.

As you can see, Blood Type B is the only category which can be identified as being reasonably healthy. Some might say, if your blood type is B, you can go ahead and follow a Blood Type and Pregnancy Diet. But if your blood group is O or A, this diet is harmful, as it cuts out major food groups. You don’t need to be a specialist in medicine to understand why you may expose you and your baby to high risks if you follow such a diet when pregnant. My advice is to check with your doctor if you feel you want to pursue such a controversial diet.

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