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How to get pregnant faster is one of the most common questions, ladies want to know about. If you are attempting pregnancy for the first time or have been trying to conceive a baby for a long time without any success, then this article will provide you  the best tips on how to get pregnant faster. These great tips will help you to increase the chance of pregnancy so that you can fulfill your dream of having a baby and starting a family. A lot more tips are described on my Product Page.

Here are 7 Super fire tips on How to get pregnant faster:

1. Have Sex Regularly:

Regular sex is necessary if you are trying to conceive a baby. Ideal frequency is three times per week. A regular and enjoyable sex life is crucial if you want to get pregnant quickly. There are some couples that go by the females ovulation cycle and think that having sex at this time increases the chance of pregnancy. However this is not always accurate.

2. Live a Healthy Life:

If you want to get pregnant then you need to develop a healthy life style. You should stay away from smoking, alcoholic intake, caffeine and any other such drugs. The intake of such things will reduce the chances of pregnancy by 40%. You should start taking vitamins to increase your health, which in turn will increase your chances of conception. If you are overweight, then try to lose some weight. You may want to seek help from your doctor or try some of the methods on my Product Page.

3. Give it Time:

It may take some time to get pregnant after you plan for it. So try not to get tensed over the issue of how to conceive fast. The stress could decrease your chances of conceiving. Enjoy your life with your partner.

4. Learn your Menstrual Cycle:

Knowing about your menstrual cycle and when you ovulate is very important. This is because having sex while you are ovulating increases the chances of getting pregnant. Also, charting your basal body temperature is one of the best techniques that is used to know when to have sex to get pregnant faster. A small spike in basal body temperature is an indication that you are ovulating and it’s the right time to get pregnant.

5. Use an Ovulation Prediction Kit/Fertility Monitor

The best tip on how to get pregnant faster is the use of ovulation prediction kit. Using such kits is very important and helpful. Basal body temperature calculation described in the previous step is part of it. These kits help you to indicate the LH surges prior to ovulation. One such fertility monitor is Clear Blue Easy monitor. Check out the tips described on the Product Page.

6. Learn about Best Sexual Positions:

If you want to get pregnant faster, then you should learn about the best sexual positions which should help you to conceive faster. Missionary position is best to put sperm closest to the cervix. Most positions in which the woman is on top are not considered the best for conception. You can place a pillow under your hips to tilt your pelvis upward to help in conception.

7. Avoid Using Lubricants while having Sex:

Use of lubricants like vaginal sprays, douches and scented tampons can make it hard for sperm to being receptive to vaginal environment. So don’t use any such lubricant if you are trying to get pregnant.

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